message from trevor

We like Zoom for the ISB things because of ease-of-use. No one needs to download an app, or have a specific kind of computer or device or whatever, or pay for anything. The downside is that it doesn’t always work great for sharing audio and video (though they have been improving it over the past few months it seems!). You may have noticed with the videos I shared today sometimes the audio cuts or goes out of sync or gets interrupted by people talking/coughing or whatever. That being said, it is cool to have a bunch of people “there together” watching something, and being able to get live feedback and responses from whoever is in attendance.


In Zoom, there are a few settings to look in to with screen sharing – I find it best to go to screen share à advanced à and there should be some settings to “optimize for video” (I guess as opposed to just a photograph or powerpoint slide) and also “share computer sound” (otherwise it’s just video with no audio). Do that, and that’s basically what I’ve been doing! Bonus points if you have a hard-wired internet connection (wireless can be inconsistent in signal, and that affects shared video much more than other things, I find).


Other than that, I’ve seen a number of colleagues do concerts with YouTube Live or Facebook live. It gets easier if you have everything pre-recorded, because you can set it all up before-hand and then have a “premiere” time, and that sort of thing.


I’ve also checked out a couple options like OBS (online broadcasting studio) for live-feed. So for instance, you could stream the video, then have a live stream of yourself speaking or answering questions live or whatever. That tends to work best with a decent webcam/mic setup, which it seems you’ve got working for you. If you play anything live there, make sure “original sound” is on.


Then there’s something called “Restream”. I haven’t had any experience with it, but you should check it out – the website is pretty easy to get through, and I’ve witnessed a few people use it successfully. Website:


As with all things technology, it seems that “gamers” are the people who are really always pushing the envelope on tech stuff. Could be good to look in to some YouTube tutorials on how pro gamers set up their twitch streams and all that – not something I’ve done, but honestly, they probably are doing it much better than most musicians are!


Hope this helps. Let me know! Also, if you want to share that with the ISB, I’m currently helping to handle the Facebook page, so I’d be happy to share a link there for you.