Bundle Pack Etudes 1-12 para contrabajo solo

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  • Descarga digital - enlace de descarga enviado a su correo electrónico. 
  • Se puede tocar en orquesta y afinación solista
  • Los 12 estudios incluidos.
  • Compositor: Xavier Dubois Foley
  • Para contrabajo solo
  • Archivo en formato PDF
  • El archivo contiene parte de bajo 

 Demostración de video

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Geddes

Have only read thru a few, and noticed that No. 2 isn’t written for how you play in your video—you’re in solo tuning in video, and playing in E minor/ sounding in F# minor. So it seems the sheet music is a literal transcription of F# minor. Is it possible for you to send a version transcribed down into E minor? And maybe double check the rest of the etudes? With that, my review would easily be 5 stars.
FYI—I’ve become an overnight fan of you and your music!


Excellent challenging engaging music. I've loved learning these etudes.

Samuel Miller
Great music written by a phenomenal double bass player, composer and musician.

I love these 12 Etudes and though they are incredibly difficult to play, they are very rewarding. Xavier should be proud of himself!

Michael Feinberg
Great etudes!

Thes etudes are extremely diverse, challenging, fun, and lyrical! The most musical exercises for solo bass I have played.